2012 Rendezvous

2012 Reatta Rendezvous

This year we all met at the host hotel beginning at 2:00 PM on Thursday, June 28th. Due to road construction and traffic, we were not able to form a caravan of beautiful Reattas. Instead, maps and detailed directions to the Carolinas Aviation Museum were handed out.

The museum, which is newly located at the old Wachovia Bank hanger and terminal at the Charlotte Douglas Airport, houses some interesting pieces of aviation history including a fully operational Piedmont Airlines DC3, an Eastern Airlines DC7, and the US Airways Airbus designated as Flight 1549 that CPT Sully Sullenberger landed so skillfully in the Hudson River. There are also numerous other interesting military and civilian aircraft some of which you are allowed to actually get into. Division member Gloria Dalton, who volunteers at the museum, arranged with the museum to extend their normal hours that day and assisted us.

At 5:00PM we left the museum and drove 14 miles to Huntersville, North Carolina where we gathered at Lancaster’s BBQ and enjoyed some delicious Eastern North Carolina Style Bar-B-Que. After a wonderful meal, we made our way back to our respective hotels.