2013 Rendevous

This years Rendezvous will be held the afternoon of Thursday, July 18th, 2013. This years destination will be Amish Acres, which is located at 1600 W. Market Street in Nappanee, Indiana 46550. Market Street is also known as US 6 in Indiana. The trip should take most of us about 45 minutes to drive, but it could take more or less depending on traffic, your driving habits or speed. Please plan accordingly.

We will have driving MAPS available to all participants for a nice drive to this location. We will give you a copy before you leave the motel lot. Remember, it can be a lot of fun to travel as a group thru small towns and country roads. PLEASE DRIVE SAFELY.

This drive will start in the parking lot of the host motel and proceed south thru South Bend and then go east and head thru the countryside. We will be driving thru some small towns with lower speed limits, so please drive with this in mind. Last year we had to drive on a major urban expressway, but this year there will be very little expressway and most of it will be some scenic country driving. There will be some driving thru South Bend which will mean stop lights and some city traffic that may be driving slower.

The location will feature special parking (on grass) for our vehicles once we arrive. The facility is on a somewhat busy highway and will require a left turn into their lot. Amish Acres is a major tourist attraction in this area so expect quite a few cars and tour busses are you approach this site. Mobil Travel Guide has declared Amish Acres as one of the top attractions in the state of Indiana!

We need to arrive at the parking lot at 3:00 pm to get ready for our tours of the farm on a tractor pulling a wagon, genuine Amish farm house and viewing of the historical films. We must check in by 3:15 pm. We will be split into smaller groups so they can handle us all at once, depending upon the size of our entire group.

We have a target time of 5:30 pm to eat our family style Threshers Meal. This years meal will be served family style in a somewhat rustic atmosphere. It is really quite nice and I think you will find this an enjoyable and unique experience. YOU WILL BE PROVIDED MEAL TICKETS TO HAVE IN YOUR POSSESSION.

We will have an area specially saved for us and will have dedicated waitresses. They are used to large groups (tour busses) so we should fit in quite nicely as they can feed a lot of people all at once.

The price this year is $30.00 per adult which includes Amish Acres tours, a dash plaque, meal, beverages, dessert, TIP AND TAX.

There are also chances to buy souveniers, ice cream at little shops they have in the complex, at additional cost. There is also the Round Barn Theatre that has live productions during the year, also at additional cost. Over 4,000 shows have been presented at the theatre since it became a state of the art theatre in 1991. We saw a show there last September and it was really nicely done.

We will include alternate directions to get back to the host hotel after the meal quickly in case you have another event you want to attend.