Reatta Rendezvous 2015 ( Springfield MO )

The annual Reatta Rendezvous, held during the BCA national meet, was
again held on Thursday June 11 2015.  Approximately 45 people in about
19 Reattas and some in modern cars, left the host hotel at about 5 PM
traveling to the outskirts of Springfield MO where we regrouped and then
took some nice winding hilly roads through the Ozark countryside. We
traveled through wooded areas, past some large horse farms and over
streams and once on an old time one lane bridge. The one hour tour ended
up in the town of Ozark MO at the famous Lambert’s Cafe home of the
“throwed rolls”. The restaurant was very busy but they got all of our
group seated in a very short time giving us preference over some others
waiting for seating.

After choosing from the menu the servers then bring big bowls of side
dishes around and you can opt for many choices and as much as you want.
During the meal the servers will come and throw freshly made rolls to
the customers.

Everyone seemed to have a good time and then the trip back to
Springfield was an easy one going straight up the highway about 10 miles
back to the hotel.